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Atma Jyoti Sanatan Seva Foundation

The NGO is found for promotion of sanatan Dharm in the humanity, Sanatana dharma is a term that refers to the eternal Truth of Hinduism. The roots of this phrase can be traced back to ancient Sanskrit literature as a kind of cosmic order. Sanatana denotes “that which is without beginning or end” or “everlasting.” Dharma, no direct translation into English, but comes from dhri, meaning “to hold together or sustain.” Dharma is often interpreted as meaning “natural law.”


A temple is a structure designed to bring human being and God together through worship, sacrifice and devotion.


Puja is a worship ritual performed by person to offer devotional homage and prayer to one or more deities, to host and honor a guest, or to spiritually celebrate an event.

Mission of Atma Jyoti 
To spread and make aware humanity, the principles of sanatan dharma, make people live and liberate their soul (Moksha) from re-birth. To guide human beings in journey of their life.


As such, the whole term, sanatana dharma, can translate as “the natural and eternal way to live.” In fact, sanatana dharma is widely considered to be the original term used to describe what we now know as Hinduism.

Sanatana dharma encompasses the list of duties and practices that all Hindus must comply with. This list of practices includes virtues like honesty, goodwill, patience and generosity. Following this code allows one to reach moksha, a state of spiritual liberation, Self-knowledge and enlightenment. The practice of yoga is a vital part of this process as it allows the yogi to achieve a union with their spiritual side.

Atma Jyoti Sanatan Dharm Seva Foundation is built on the principle of santan dharm to serve the humanity by practicing it in there day to day life. Founder Sadhvi Bharti Didi, is born physically challenged women. With will power and devotion toward guru, she is serving the humanity from last 30 year, she is preaching Bhagwat Gita and have taken shiv mala to heart of her follower. At present is residing in Hariom Ashram Badwa MP. The activites carried out in ashram is sadhu seva, Gau seva, Bandara, Food & stay facility for guest and sadu's in narmada parikrama. Atma Jyoti is sec 8 NGO, registered under ROC, having office in Nagpur. The company is registered under Income tax 80GG and 12 AB for income tax benefit. 

“Let make this happen” .

If you are interested to run your campaign, please feel free to contact us.

"We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give. "


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