Can we run the campaign on this site.
Running campaign your campaign shall require your request along with complete details of campaign such as model, team, picture, & video. On receiving the request the call shall be arranged by the Atmajyoti Team for verification and term & condition document shall be shared for signing of the  same. Once the  formalities are completed the campaign shall go live and link shall be shared for the your reference donors.
How to contact the Team of Campaign?
The number and email are mention on the Right side  of Campaign Page.
What is the income tax benefit can be avail by Donner?
Donner can avail tax benefit under 80GG on the amount donated by them.
What are the modes of Donation ?
Donation can be made online through UPI, Debitcard, Creditcard and through bank by Neft/Rtgs/Transfer. The facility of daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/half year/year on EMI pattern is available on request.
What is the legal status of Atma Jyoti Sanatan Seva Foundation?

Atma Jyoti Sanatan Foundation is Sec 8 company form limited by guarantee, having register office at nagpur, it having Tax exemption for donation under 12 AB and 80GG Certifcate .

What are the objectives of Atma Jyoti?

Atma Jyoti is formed for awareness of sanatan dharm in the human being. As you are aware sanatan dharm is oldest and most advance and dyanmic divilisation ever has exist in this earth. The Sanatan dharm was given in the form of vedas by lord Bharma to this world. Most ancient and scientific literature ever written in existence of this word. The Rishis and sadhu were the master and researcher who work on each an every element of this universe. We are being taken away from the roots of our ancestors due to invador who ruled us from last 1000 year. We at atma jyoti are making efforts to connect the current and future generation with root of existence of universe. Sanatan is way of living life with nature as entire family.

What is Pupose of this site?

The purpose of this site to give the platform for collection of donation for difference causes, by reaching to mass and inspiring them to make difference by donating

Who is Visitor?

Visitor is the guest user of this site, who can go through the site and donate on this site for a cause.

What is a Temple?

Temple is a place where Hindu worship our god & goddess. The temple is body and statue is soul of deity.

Temple is a place where Hindu worship our Bhagwan Ram, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna etc. Proin eget tortor risus. Vivamus magna justo, .People ask questions related to Hinduism